The End of Fertility (but not virility)

Yesterday I went in to see Dr. Barry Rich at the No Scalpel Vasectomy clinic. He keeps a good sense of humor about him which helps keep the atmosphere light. In the end it was easier than going to the dentist. It’s a bit tender now but i’m taking it easy for a few days. It’s harder on Kendra really than it is on me since she has to fill in more to cover me. A few more weeks and we can put to rest any nervous concern about accidentally getting pregnant again. Yahoo! Honestly I did have a brief period of realization that our little Caitly would be our last experience of the baby stage. the sadness lasts a few moments but gives way to the rational understanding that we have as much as we can handle and 3 girls will keep me busy for many years to come.

If i could be guaranteed a boy would I consider another? Don’t ask me, the job has been done, the ship has sailed.

Caitlyn full on laughed this afternoon. it was a riot. Kendra was making faces and getting her to peel with laughter. Video camera comes out and it’s all gone….bah.