Karina works hard on something

Today Kendra went to 3:00 people with Caleb and Tallie. We made a special T-Shirt with Tallie’s drawing for Spider. Home alone with Karina and Cait and Cait’s napping so need to do some activities with Karina. She’s all into setting up a tea party and before I even get involved she has started setting up tea on the downstairs round table. So she gets her dresses all laid out down there, teacups, plates, plastic foods and buiscuits all set up and then says “what else we do?”

I suggest we make special name cards for the table and we enjoy tea-staining the edges. while I’m finishing off some touches she moves on to drawing a picture with markers. she spends all of 4 to 5 minutes on the drawing and says, “look dad.” “wow, I really like that drawing” I said. “shanks, i weay wock hod on it.” How our perceptions do change and expectations for what represents our best. If only I could capture more of that spontaneous self assuredness. It’s a precious thing.