Don Miller quotes from “A Million Miles…”

“You get a feeling when you look back on life that that’s all God really wants from us, to live inside a body he made and enjoy the story and bond with us through the experience.”

“But music is different,” Steve continued. “Music obeys form and structure. There are scales and harmonics; there are principles a musician adheres to, in order to make music. If he doesn’t, it’s just noise. It’s the same with story. If you don’t obey certain principles, the story doesn’t make sense. Without story, experiences are just random.”

Tiny manipulations

yesterday we heard ghost sounds coming from the kids room down the hall…”oooooooooh, oooooooh”. It turns out that Tallie didn’t want Karina in the room and knew she wasn’t allowed to kick her out right then, so she resorted to attempting to scare her out with Ghost sounds and turning the lights out (it was still daytime though). It didn’t work but we had a little talk about manipulation. the attitude can’t be allowed but the circumstances can sure be funny sometimes.

God’s favor in the details

It seems to be a time of God’s favor for us in this season of transition. In the midst of a lot of pressure between work and managing all the loose ends for this immigration interview, God keeps showing up in the details…

  1. We got a better priced ticket in the end on direct flights which is better for the baby. We were using Dad’s old travel agent in Toronto, Mabelle. Kendra found a flight that had better times and was $100 cheaper than what she emailed me. she confirmed availability on that flight and we booked it.
  2. Also, we found out that Franz Wesley will be staying in Montreal over christmas so we’ll be able to see him on our trip.
  3. Yesterday the mortgage broker that Bob had recommended called me to see how he could help and he’ll research what i need to have in a letter from my main clients. Bob has been very helpful and has always been pulling for us in our journey. He’s offered to help us find rental options and is looking into the house on Maple St. for us. He’s tickled by how God has provided for us.
  4. Yesterday, Kendra called me with her good news about the deal she got on organic turkey products. She’s looked there several times and yesterday they had all the stock she was looking for at half price.
  5. Kendra has done some very interesting things with the kids recently…touring the fort in Fort Langley, going to an Opera (Alberta Opera) at Lochiel. The kids loved them both.
  6. Having coffee with dad yesterday and being able to describe how God has been leading us…he said his heart was able to come down now, “kitisa motema”, knowing that God is the one leading this change.
  7. We have been able to avoid the swine flu so far and kids are healthy.

Selling our house

What a whirlwind. started house showings Monday, October 26
ended showings Nov 2 (Monday)
1 week and 15 showings
Joyce came for her birthday the same week (Wednesday) and was here for the offer we received.
460 was their offer. we countered from 479.8 down to 473. they countered 465 and it appeared they weren’t wanting to go any higher but were coaxed into going another thousand. final offer 466. It all felt so impersonal and cold trying to guess why they weren’t really prepared to negotiate much on price. I asked Rob two things: to indicate what they were prepared to offer to bridge the gap to our preferred lowest price of 470 and also if i could get the buyers number to call them and hear their story…make things a bit more personal and see if that changed things for us. Rob offered to pitch in 2,000 and got me their phone number and said they were completely willing to talk to us. I thought Rob’s offer was weak and later told him that was the one element that disappointed me. I didn’t want him to feel backed into a corner and wanted him to feel he had a choice so i told him we would go ahead with the deal regardless but i felt he had an opportunity here to be generous and still come out ahead in the deal. He explained that the number he had suggested came from the fact that his partner didn’t think they should contribute any of the commission but he understood my point and decided right there to double their contribution and bridge the gap. I’m happy for his sake that he chose well there and didn’t give that ground over to greed. it really was an awkward and vulnerable process to have him representing both the buyer and seller (dual agent) when what we were paying him for was to advise us through this process.

i got to talk to Misty. she told me how she had trained at Hillsongs in Australia where she had met her husband. He was quite a bit younger than her, they were starting out, 2 years married, their first home. They had seen a lot of homes, some were a little more updated than ours even and logically seemed to check out but they both agreed it didn’t feel right and they didn’t have a peace about the places. she said when they walked into ours it just felt peaceful to them and they agreed it felt like they could feel at home there. How awesome is that? I told her we worship God in our home with our kids and have been praying that God would bring the people he wanted to be here. She was excited to learn we love God too.

Today was the house inspection, went over 3 hours and we came home while they were still here. we ended up hanging around a little and chatting and would like to get together with them again. They haven’t yet told us if they have any concerns that affect their offer but we’ll find out soon.

Also, when we came home i went to the mailbox first before going inside and found two letters from Montreal for my immigration process. We now have an appointment date of December 21. it’s crazy how this is all coming together so fast…our heads are spinning. It’s all slow for so long and looks like the trail is going nowhere and then boom, you’re on the accelerated circus ride. I half expected this would happen, but it sure has my adrenaline firing.

Tallie asks about my ring

Tucking her in at night the other day Tallie asks if I ever take off my ring. I tell her that i always keep it on except if i’m showing it to someone because it’s very precious to me and i don’t want to lose it…it reminds me of when i got married to Kendra. She thinks about it a minute and then says, “I know why, because if you didn’t have it on then everyone would want to marry you.” Now of course I understood that she was commenting on the fact that it shows people that i’m taken, but the way she put it felt like a nice little ego boost and made my laugh feel a little richer and more spontaneous as it erupted.

Tallie helps the World

at the dinner table we were referencing something about La Rocha where we visited with the kids a few weeks ago, something about the beans we were sorting and how they were dried. Tallie says, again offhanded,”oh, you mean that place where we were helping the world?”

It sounded rather grand put in those terms and i thought to myself, “why not put it in those terms?” that sounds a whole lot more purposeful and connects you to a bigger purpose than just sorting a few beans. We really didn’t know who the beans were going to anyway and didn’t accomplish a lot of actual work, but God sees the heart of his children engaging to serve others and He sees the ripple effects that can indeed affect the world. The next time i do something that seems rather simple and unglamorous i’ll try to remember that i am “serving the world.”