Simple Chiasm Jonah 1:3

this is an example of a simple chiasm structure within a single verse. It illustrates how different translations can either maintain this literary device or overlook it completely in favor of translating the perceived meaning of the text.

to Tarshish from the presence of the LORD


      to Tarshish


to Tarshish from the presence of the LORD

The simple things that make God proud

Revelation of God’s character and the nature of His relationship to us strike me at the most unexpected times and in the most peculiar way. I was having a tender moment with Caitlyn while watching her Sunday morning (Kendra took the other three to Imago for service). Caity has been potty training of her own accord and has taken to removing her diaper and lower clothing, perhaps to make it easier to jump on the potty whenever the urge hits her…or whenever the fancy takes her which seems more the case lately.

So, she hollered out “I go poopie” and grabbed my hand to help her. We head into the bathroom, plunk her down on the big potty and wait. She takes her time, just happy to be there like the “big” people in her life. She holds on to my leg with both arms and just looks up at me with her tiny face and big eyes and just gives me one of those “I love you Daddy” looks with her eyes and smile. A little more pushing and patient waiting and she proudly announces, “see Daddy? I poopie!” She looks behind her to confirm that her two little nuggets are indeed there…and then back at me with such a happy smile.

You know what? I couldn’t have been more proud of or delighted in her than at that moment. The fact that she was sharing her proud moment with me and the love in her heart with which she included me made it all precious. perhaps even more memorable than the onstage production of the front room dance routines…although those are a great delight that send us running for our cameras. These bathroom times are more private moments held in trust but very precious.

I imagine in this experience how the simplest things we might do can bring great joy to God’s heart. It is all about the joy in our hearts as we do the little things with love for God that delight him. The big accomplishments for “His kingdom” don’t impress Him in the least if they haven’t been done out of loyal devotion to Him. Conversely, cleaning diapers can be a trophy of honor in God’s showcase of good deeds if done out of humble devotion to Him. Our passion and love for Him must infuse all of our service to Him if it is to be useful for his purposes both in us and in the world. Anything less is unworthy of being brought before him as it must be a “love” offering that we lay at his feet, not simply a gift of our talents and resources.

Ken Robinson on creativity in children

this is a fantastic talk on how education has been driven by the University institutions to mine the minds of children the way we strip mine the earth for a very particular commodity that makes us productive in the work force. He believes along with Picasso that all children are born creative and are trained out of it as they grow up. Ken has a great sense of humor to go along with a weighty subject.

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