Wess Stafford’s “Too Small to Ignore”

a deeper look into God’s heart for children in America…

“…children are not tomorrow’s church in waiting or in training. They are an important part of today’s church. In today’s selfish, “it’s all about me” mentality, we may have passed the point of no return in our ability to welcome children back into our sanctuaries to worship with us. Or to let them actually lead us in worship.”

“The real integration of children into our lives is happening all across the world-just not very much in Western society. Here we have forgotten that there really is no higher calling than to raise a child. We tend to do a lot FOR our children but not nearly enough WITH our children. In many of today’s dual-income households, parents hire others to do most of the privilege of child raising.”

prayer for a dear friend

Up late last night asking God about a dear friend who’s fallen in love. I feel both delighted for him (as we’ve been praying for this area of his life and even tried to help set him up with someone) and burdened about something. It’s odd how you can feel both things at the same time even though they would seem to be mutually exclusive. The funny thing is that Kendra and I were both up until 2 in the morning thinking and praying about the same things…our 4 children and this friend. Somewhere in my mind ran this phrase “I want you to stand up for the one I have chosen for him”, or maybe it was “someone needs to…” I’m not sure what that means exactly but all of it has led me to a general sense that perhaps God is advising things to slow down to make sure that a proper and firm foundation is built for future relationship to this woman and to her whole family.

Book of my Calligraphy…wohoo!

I just got my calligraphy book in the mail yesterday. Gotta admit it looks pretty cool to see a bound book of your own work if full color. didn’t even think about this until I got a promo email offering a free 8″x8″ book. I was thinking, “now what would I put in a book in such short order? I don’t have pictures of the kids organized.” This will be a great gift idea for family.

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