Summer in Canby

We’ve had eventful days in a smalltown kind of way…just the way we like it.

Last week we had Heather Perrow and Dawn Humphrey over, then the 7 Langsfelds for 2 nights, then Rick and Kemi with their two kids for a night right after that.

Sunday evening rocking out with Power of 10 in Wait park. Just hanging with Papa listening to some middle aged musicians and singers that were suprisingly good. had a full brass section too. Picnic on a blanket, ice cream and cake, mild weather with a breeze. Doesn’t get any better than that.

Yesterday Kendra went to Portland with Mom and came back with a washer and dryer set (Whirlpool Cabrio) after days of research. we’re super stoked to have our own washer and dryer again…and a large capacity 5.2 cubic feet. Huge! I just hooked it all up and wired the dryer today.

I got the chemicals all sorted for the hot tub, cleaned it out, and Last night we finally got to sit in the hot tub together and look at the stars after the kids were in bed. It’s quite a magical feel to be in our own house enjoying such a luxury.

Today we had Saul from Green Seasons fix our whole sprinkler system manifold. Kids were fascinated just watching him cut glue and connect all the parts together.

The Wait Park Internet browser was in the park again today. Just sits right on the sidewalk with his laptop plugged into a post that has a power outlet and get’s wireless signal from the library across the street.