Prophetic image of Karina

we had a good visit with Misty on Friday. It’s been a hard season for her in Canada as she feels quite alone with husband working away from home for weeks at a time. She was very soft hearted and responsive to encouragement…excited about their baby which is 15 weeks along now.

I felt that strong urge of God’s compassion in my heart that I haven’t felt for quite a while now but used to feel quite frequently…a desire to be used by God to express his encouragement and compassion to a heart in need of Him. After we prayed for her she shared that whenever she gets prayed for she always asks God if there is something He wants to say to the ones praying for her. She said she had a very strong impression for Karina that she would be used by God as a strong spiritual warrior. “she’s a real warrior,” she said. we’ve definitely seen the fighting spirit in her…a boldness and feisty confidence that’s both a blessing in the right place and a grief to her siblings when targeted at them. It’s encouraging to see the vision of God for her life and gives me deeper resolve to invest in her little life with hope and patience. Maybe that word was given at this time primarily to me so that I would take a step back from the little tornado of her emotions and see the big picture of what we will one day see as she develops the precious qualities God has put in her small form.

notes from Denis Brown online course

Pumice Powder and Gum Sandarac are two options to provide resistance to bleed and nib slippage on the page.
Pumice Powder allows thin strokes to flow better than Sandarac for dynamic writing.

Avoid inks with shellac or waterproofing ingredients that would restrict the flow.