Love and Whine

Coming home from the rose garden, Kendra’s getting situated in her seat to drive. She turns around to check on the girls and reaches over to grab Cait’s hand and smile at her. Then immediately Karina starts up whining about something…you always hear the tone well before it’s clear what she’s saying. She wants Kendra to hold her hand too…so she reaches her hand around behind her to grab Karina’s. But her head only turns three quarters as far as she can reach. “But you didn’t look at me.”
An then it’s “you have to smile and say you love me.”
Everything had to be equal to what Kendra did to Caitlyn.

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Hard Brains

We are at mom and dad’s for Canadian Thanksgiving. Karina was playing around the couch where grandma was sitting. Flopping around she hit her head with a thud on the edge of the couch. Grandma asked,”are you alright?”
“I’m OK. I got brains…in my head. They wary hod.”

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Location:Mom and dad’s