podcast on “the satan”

quote by Brad Jersak about conversation with his 9 year old son, out of the blue.
“Hey dad, demons aren’t fallen angels.”
“so who told you that.”
“well, Jesus did”
“so what are demons then”
“Jesus told me that demons are created by people out of the ashes of war, out of the things they desire that don’t belong to them, and out of the tears they make when they are afraid. So we create the demons out of those things, and then they take on a life of their own and turn on you and begin to torment you.”

the hairs on my neck stood up as it connected with so many things I’d been hearing from Michael Hardin, Wink and others. Things that make sense of our lives…on the one hand it is anthropological, but we’re also saying it is reality.

When You’re Stretched Too Thin

copied from Jonathan Malm’s blog. A good reminder while I consider different employment while pursuing dreams to create more art.

When I took this new job, I went from writing 4-5 blog posts each day to writing 6-7. I went from working on two projects during the day to working on four. Am I getting stretched a little bit thin? Not really.

I’m convinced people operate at about one-fifth of their actual capacity. I think we get set in a certain rhythm and believe that’s all we have to give. But think of it like a balloon. If you try to inflate it too quickly, it will pop – because the rubber hasn’t had a chance to slowly stretch. It needs to get used to a certain amount of air before it gets stretched some more. But as you inflate it slowly it can take more and more stretching.

We often get used to our old pressure points and think they’re the same later on in life. But I truly believe you can do more than you think you can. You have amazing potential.

But I want to do something bigger than myself. I want to go even beyond my capacity as an individual. How do I do that?

Call it trite. Call it obvious. But you need people on your team to go further. You’ll never accomplish anything greater than yourself if you’re the lonely creative.

Before this new job, I was working in my apartment – isolated with my cup of coffee. Everything I could create rested on my shoulders. I started relying on others when I began Sunday| Magazine and CSDI – resourcing the genius and talents of others. And soon enough those expanded beyond me.

And this new job is no different. I’m resourcing others to make something bigger than each of us could on our own. And that’s the secret to doing something incredible without stretching yourself too thin: get others involved and let them stretch with you.