Make them flatter please…

I was serving pancakes to the kids a couple days ago…Tallie tries to be polite but asks,”next time could you please make the pancakes a little flatter?”
So what, is the surface too uneven for you…I mean how much flatter can you get than a pancake anyways? Later I realized she meant that they were a little too “thick” for her liking. The funny things kids say sure get your imagination tumbling, though, as you work your way toward understanding their intended meaning. I start thinking of the flattened squirrel road kill we had seen the day before when we were walking. Now that critter was seriously flat. Maybe that’s what you mean by flat? Ha!

The House Deal is Closed

On July 7, 2010 the revised price with personal items deducted was finally accepted after what seemed to be a grueling skirmish between real estate agents. Alix, their agent, was ready to go after everybody to get that $4,000.00 back and wanted to find out if we really could afford it and should return to the original price of 331 before the appraisal. She grilled Annie (buying agent) and Robert (our lender) both. I feel sorry for Annie having her competency called into question as we have felt very blessed to have her working for us. So, it could have ended poorly under the strain but we were praying and then they accepted and the tension seemed to wash away. We even got a cordial sounding note inviting us to the pool with our kids from Lindsay Waite the homeowner.

Tallie dreams about flowers for Jesus

Tallie was telling Kendra this morning about her dream and then told me at the breakfast table. She was so moved by it she kept saying, “I can’t stop thinking about it.” She was picking flowers for Jesus…I was in the dream with her somehow. We were putting the flowers on a table in the green grass. Tallie was wanting to hold them up to Jesus to take from her hand, but he was already drawing them up from the table without her realizing it. Then she saw them floating off the table and upward and saw the face of Jesus in a cloud formation and was obviously moved by that.

We have seen a significant change in her treatment of Karina lately. She has really been putting in effort to help her with things and shown more patience with her since we had started having her sleep in our room on the floor. Kendra has been spending more time holding Tallie and just talking to her. She really thrives on affection and perhaps was feeling a bit lost. I thank God for Kendra’s sensitivity to His wisdom and leading regarding what the children need.