Muslim hatred of west

this clip from Daniel Greenfield’s blog gives some insight to the ongoing and deeply rooted animosity towards the west. It is a complex issue that shouldn’t be simplified by assuming this post “covers it”, but it is enlightening and seems consistent with what we see in Muslim world responses.

“The other aspect of it however is the prevalence of conspiracy theories throughout the Arab Muslim world. In Egypt, Nazi propaganda merged with traditional Islamic beliefs to give rise to Islamofascist organizations such as the Muslim Brotherhood. While Mein Kampf and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion are given little credibility in civilized nations– they are still highly popular in the Muslim world. Conspiracy theories are the best refuge of failed societies, and the panoply of conspiracy theories in the Muslim world have one common element, the theme of a vast Anti-Muslim conspiracy involving the CIA and the Mossad which prevents them from succeeding. “
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