Tallie’s quirky sayings


at the breakfast table i’m feeding Karina, Tallie comes out with,”I know why we need bones. If we didn’t have bones we’d be all floppy and squishy…that’s why we need bones.”

apr 25 – Tallie’s smothering baby Caitlyn with love and says,”she’s sooooo cute, I could just throw up.”

Aug 31 – she says to me in the kitchen, “I know why all little kids want to grow up.” I say, “Why’s that?”
“because then they can have their own pets.” I tell her that it’s fun to be grown up but it’s a lot more work too. Being a kid is a lot of fun without a lot of work (at least my kids). She says, “when i grow up i’m going to marry a farmer.” Odd it seems to me, i try not to laugh…”why’s that?” “Because then i won’t have to pay for a horse.” aaah, now we have the point of it all.

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