Sweet memories

Caleb and I went to Imago for the 11:00 service yesterday and then hung out a bit in Portland afterwards. We looked in a few windows and popped into the art store. Caleb was allowed to pick a pen to take home. He looked around at all the pens for a few minutes and then let out a big sigh like he had a huge burden to wield. Such a big decision for a young boy. We hunted around for Pizza Schmizza as it started to rain harder. Caleb is such a fun little sidekick to hang out with. I told him I thought he was the best son in the world and I just loved getting to hang out with him. He smiled big and said he loved hanging out with me too and kept thanking me for taking him out for Pizza.

After that we went to see David’s new apartment and I ended up staying to help him build his IKEA furniture. Stayed there around 5 hours and built 3 pieces of furniture (made the bed with David). After having such a good time with Caleb I was eager to hang out with the family that evening…also knowing that Kendra had been up the 2 previous nights with sick Caitlyn. But I sensed it was important that I stay and put in a few extra miles with David so he understood my heart for him. I could feel the Lord’s pleasure in it also, which makes it even an added blessing.

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