Teeth of Wisdom

I hope this doesn’t prove to be a sign of senility to come but I had my last 2 remaining upper wisdom teeth removed yesterday. The good news was that they got all the root tips out after them breaking off on the right tooth. the bad news was that they broke off in the first place after an interminably long tug of war with that tooth. It didn’t want to give up and leave. They said it was a fascinating tooth in the end…that it had an unusual 4th root with the two center roots twisted around each other like a candy cane. Must have been where all my creative ideas come from. Well that other tooth saw what a big fight his buddy put up to no avail and decided to let go without much fuss…came out whole and clean. Now I’ve just got to heal and deal with this foul taste in my mouth. Tastes like death and decay.

Very glad to have this done. One of those things that hangs over me to check off the list. Thank you God for being with me through the small victories and for such a sympathetic wife who cares for me so well. She wouldn’t let me drive myself home and I think it was wise…even though we all had to endure a ride with a tired Karina screaming in distress over some bereft toy. It’s been a peaceful day today and so appreciated.