Hearing God about the house

Well today we found out the discouraging news that the financing fell through for the couple who were supposed to buy our house. Apparently he was behind quite a bit on child tax payments and although this information is not supposed to be easy to find on credit checks, the banks did find this out and none of the banks want to lend him the money…

So that was a blow to our morale for a while with all our hopes that the house showings were behind us…on top of the fact that Kendra has been so physically depleted by the funeral weekend and catching a nasty flu. When i tucked the kids into bed i told them we felt a bit sad with the news about the house not selling and Caleb said it made him a little sad too. Then i said maybe we should ask God what he wanted to do with our house. We asked him and about 10 seconds later both of them said they had something…Tallie started by saying “we could just trade our house with one in America” so that we could live closer to Nonny and Papa. Caleb said “I have something” and then “I think…it’s ok because someone else is going to buy the house.”

Then they asked what i got. I chuckled and said I wasn’t as quick as they were…i was holding the baby and keeping a soother in her mouth. so i asked for a few more moments and listened and felt God say “don’t be worried, I am with you and I will go before you.”

So, God is in this and perhaps didn’t want that couple to have this house…perhaps time will show His wisdom in this matter. For now we choose to walk in his peace. Amen.

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