God Gives us Tires

God was good to us yesterday. I went out to find some used tires in Woodburn on a recommendation. I was referred to Benavidez Tires by a mechanic I called. They told me on the phone they had two matching tires I could have for $80 each, balanced and installed. When I got there the guy also suggested I could reverse the direction of my back tires to get a month or two more out of them…an extra $10 for that. While they were beginning to work on it the guy in charge came to where I was waiting and told me he actually had 4 tires he could sell me for $200. Turned out one of the original two they were going to sell me had a bump in one part that made it asymmetrical…the owner’s father had just brought in a new batch earlier that day and had 4 Michelins for me that look great. He didn’t even charge me the $10 for disposal because it was my first visit. I came home feeling so blessed by a God that orchestrates details to meet our needs…such impeccable timing.  Thank you my Lord and my God.